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Would you like to grow your business?  My blog is growing and I’d like to help your business grow as well. I am currently looking for small to mid size companies or blogs that would like to place an ad button, sponsor a blog post or would like to offer a giveaway!

Ad Rates:

Add a 125×125 button to my sidebar: $10 per month

Or…$25 for a 3 month block

Benefits: Any advertiser who buys ad space will receive a dedicated blogpost that will highlight you, your product or service. I will also highlight you on The Colorful Bee Facebook page.

Sponsor Rates:

A 125×125 button will appear at the bottom of each post for a designated period.

$5.00 for 1 blog post

Or…$20 for 5 blog posts

Benefits:  I only showcase one sponsor per blog post, so you will be spotlighted in every post for the duration of your sponsorship. This is a first come first serve advertising opportunity. If you sign up and pay in the middle of someone else’s block of posts, yours will start as soon as the other sponsor’s is completed. I also highlight you on my Facebook page.


Doing a giveaway on The Colorful Bee can bring you additional clients (who didn’t win your giveaway). Giveaways can create a buzz about your product, company or service. Hosting a giveaway is free – your fee is the product that you are offering. I highlight the giveaway on Facebook as well.


Do you have a product that you would like to highlight?  I can do a review of it for my readers.  Let me know – and I can do this for you.

All payments are through Paypal

Please email me at and we can talk about how we can make both of our companies grow.  Thanks!

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