Color Roundup: Using Sky Blue in Interior Design


sky blue walls and white Christmas decorations

Since it’s Christmas time, I thought I would start this Color Roundup with a very pretty sky blue room with a lovely flocked tree and white and silver decorations.  When you have pale walls and cream furnishings, it’s best to color coordinate your tree to your decor – instead of going with red and green.  Your tree and decorations will then flow with your surroundings.  Adding natural elements, like greenery, can be added on your mantle, but keep your other decorations light.

Sky blue bedroom with white bedding, starburst mirror and silk draperies

I guess I have started to think about light and airy, more beachy colors lately because I am so yearning for warm weather and spring.  I love the deep, saturated colors of winter time – but  I need a dose of warmth right now, as New York is so cold right now {I have two sweaters on as I write this!}

I have to admit that blue is not one of my favorite colors, but when used correctly…it becomes one of my favorite colors.  If you want a calming and restful space, think about using sky blue.  When my husband was in the hospital for his cancer surgery several years ago, I quickly had our bedroom painted a soft blue – knowing that he would need a lot of bed rest and recuperation.  The color really helped him to relax, to feel better and to get well.

soft sky blue bedroomEven just a touch of blue tint in white paint can give you an airy, sky feel.  It can make a room seem larger than it is and that perceived spaciousness helps you feel more peaceful and at ease.

sky blue walls in a guest bedroomI love this guest bedroom.  Simple woven woods on the window…white trim, beautiful floors and the sky blue walls goes so well with the black furniture and black and white and cream bedding.

sky blue little girl's roomThis bedroom is for a girly girl – and it’s not pink! Love the chandelier!

sky blue bedroom with red accentsSky blue works well with other colors and here’s a great example of using red accents in a blue room. The red really pops in this room.

Blue bathroom with Farrow and Ball's Borrowed light; mosaic tiles floor, cast iron bathtubAs relaxing as sky blue is in a bedroom, it’s really peaceful for bathrooms.  Designer Frank Roop created a relaxing haven in this beautiful bath. The wall color here is Borrowed Light from Farrow and Ball. Look at this intricate mosaic floor – beautiful.

sky blue bathAnother soft and relaxing bathroom.

sky blue backsplash tiles in a kitchenI wouldn’t normally suggest a blue kitchen…but how light and airy is this space? I love glass tiles and now you can get them in many colors, sizes – even recycled glass for tiles {so beautiful!}.

blue ombre effect on the spindles of a staircase from Martha StewartHere’s an unusual use of sky blue {and deeper blues}. Without the blues and the colorful accents on the spindles, this room would have been pretty dull!

sky blue painted living room Sky blue is not just for bedrooms and baths. How relaxing is this living room? The beautiful painting, the soft blue side chairs and the blue and cream patterned pillows – everything about it says “calm.”

Sky blue room in Bunny William's Punta Cana homeThis room is from Bunny Williams’ home in Punta Cana.  The sky blue fabrics help to soften this room. How gorgeous is that suzani on the sofa.  Just beautiful.

sky blue dining roomSky blue in a dining room can be so elegant. Look at that drapery, the chandelier and the lovely striped chairs – and that millwork!

sky blue room by Bunny WilliamsAnother Bunny Williams room from the Kips Bay Designer Showhouse 2009. I remember seeing this room in person and although there’s a lot going on here, the pale blue of the walls lends a calmness.

Some tips for using Sky Blue…

  • Use sky blue for your ceiling color in low ceiling rooms.  The color will trick the eye into thinking the ceiling is higher than it is.
  • If you are going through some stressful times, think about painting your bedroom in sky blue.  It helps to soothe emotional problems and anxieties.
  • If you picked a blue color that now seems too dark on your walls, stop painting and  put white paint or white tint into your paint to soften and lighten the color.  I always keep a gallon or two of white paint on hand – it always comes in handy.
  • Use sky blue for small rooms – it helps to make the room seem larger
  • Already have a blue on your walls but you don’t like it any more?  Get some glaze, white paint or tint – and do a soft colorwash over your walls.  If you’re ambitious, do a stried glaze over it. Click here for how to do this!
  • If your space is mostly white or neutral, think about adding sky blue with fabrics, pillows, painting a piece of furniture or the back of a bookcase or china cabinet in sky blue.

Have you used sky blue for any of your rooms?  Let me know in the comments below!

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3 Responses to Color Roundup: Using Sky Blue in Interior Design

  1. Peter Mitz says:

    This is a very informative site, that is well designed for the viewers.
    As an Interior painter I appreciate these sky blue photos.
    interior painting service ct

  2. Michelle says:

    I know this post is very old but do you have any idea the company/color name for bedroom #3? My daughter and I have searched high & low for a color just like this and after many samples, we just cannot come up with it. Thank you for any feedback!

    • Linda says:

      Hi! Sorry I didn’t answer you right away. I would try Benjamin Moore’s Crystal Blue – 20151-70. Try a sample can first and paint on a sample board (oaktag or styrene) and check to see how it looks in the room first. If it’s a slight bit darker than you want – buy a small can of white (in the same sheen that you pick for the blue color) – and mix a little white in to lighten the color.

      A great trim and ceiling color to go with this…Simply White by Benjamin Moore also.

      Happy painting!!!


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