Giving Thanks and Setting Family Goals

 Thanksgiving – a Time for Reflection and Spending More Time with My Family

collage of autumn leaves

Thanksgiving always gives me time to think and reflect on what I am grateful for – mostly things that I forget about and take for granted all year long. As the leaves fall off the trees and we get ready for the barren months ahead, I want to fill up that time with warm memories of my family and how much I am so thankful that I have a large and wonderful one. Sometimes I have been guilty of working a bit too much and not taking time out to revel in the joys and simple pleasures of just hanging out with my husband, daughters, my grandchildren, my stepkids, siblings, cousins and nieces and nephews. I want to remember how happy I am when I am with them – that it trumps everything else.

 calculator, paper clips and calculator

So, I will do my business planning, blogging, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc…but I will have a Family Plan also.  That never seems to enter into any Business Plan that I know of.  I have to add that.  My friend, Eileen, makes a Master Plan for goals every year and she includes Family all the time in her plan.  Such a great idea.

Here are some initial thoughts, goals and what I am grateful for…


beautiful winter landscape

Taking more walks with my husband and to stop and notice the beauty all around us.

On cold and barren winter days, I can still be warm and happy if I plan some winter outings with my family…Movie night, Trivial Pursuit contests (my fave!), baking Christmas cookies with my grandchildren and having an old fashioned snowball fight.

playing dress up as Minnie MouseRemember to dress up! I loved to do this as a kid…I need to do it more! My granddaughter, Erin, was having a ball with her Minnie dress and doll. Hmmm…what should I dress up as?? On another note – don’t worry about your hair…ever!

big men sitting in kid's chairs

To view life as a child, get down to their level and see from their perspective. My stepsons seemed to really enjoy themselves sitting in the kid’s chairs. The world is a different place when sitting 3 feet lower!

dog being poked in the eye by a child

So thankful for a dog that can put up with being poked in the eye!

loyal followers of our band

From left, my daughter Krista, me, daughter Jessica, cousin Eileen, niece Barbara

I am so thankful for such a supportive family.  I have a little band that I play in and we ask friends and family to come out to hear us.  We play the same 40 or so songs every time (adding in new ones here and there). They always come out to hear us play. Thanks – to everyone…especially my long-suffering husband, two daughters, stepkids, cousins and my niece.

Jean Aragona Korosh and Linda Leyble

I also wanted to share a little about my mother-in-law, Jean, who is 94 and still going strong.  This woman lives for her family. Period. Family comes first…every thing else is second. I need to be more like her. She also finds time to volunteer for the Alzheimer’s Foundation, still takes care of some of her insurance clients, cares for relatives more in need – and she exercises daily.  Her love of family and her energy are two things I hope to emulate more in my life. Thanks for being you, Jean!

So, how are you planning for the New Year? Let me know what you are thankful for this year in the comments below. I hope everyone had a wonderful, family-filled Thanksgiving and Hanukkah!



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2 Responses to Giving Thanks and Setting Family Goals

  1. Sue says:

    What a wonderful idea to include family time in your business plan! You remind me of many good things to be thankful for. Loved seeing you and your family.
    Sue recently posted..House SamplerMy Profile

    • Linda says:

      Hey Sue – Thanks for commenting. It’s a great idea adding your family into your goals for the year. We forget about the really important stuff sometimes!


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