I Hope that Everyone Stays Safe During Hurricane Sandy

The Belt Parkway during Hurricane SandyBridges and roadways are closed.  A crane is about to topple over onto West 57th in Manhattan…Evacuations everywhere.  Waist deep water on Ocean Beach, Fire Island.  My mother used to talk about the storm of ’38.  Well – we may be in the midst of one that’s worse.

Hurricane Sandy on Cape May

Hurricane Sandy’s effects on Cape May NJ

I can’t believe that we still have electricity – so many people on Long Island are without it. My neighbors across the street are dark!  It’s usually my town (and my house) that goes out first.  We are as prepared as we can be.  Lawn furniture is in, pots of flowers and plants are in the house (so pretty!) but the storm hasn’t even hit the maximum yet and it sounds like the end of the world outside.

Stay safe everyone.

Image credits: 1) NY Daily News 2) LA Times

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