Learning to Take Better Blog Pics: New Shots from a New Lens

I am far from taking the best blog pictures in the world, but I had to post this.  I just got (thank you very much Universe…and my daughters, Krista and Jessica – and my husband, Richard) for giving me a great extra lens for my camera. It’s a Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 lens and I have only used it for a day – but I LOVE IT!!!  I have to learn more about using it – but I find myself just pulling it out and taking pics of my home – and seeing what happens!  I’m experimenting – before really knowing how to use it.  My usual way of going about things anyway.

Fall colored flowers on a kitchen islan

Fall flowers on my island

I love the blurred background!!! So excited about that!  I have always wanted to learn how to do that better – it can happen with the lens you get with a DSLR but it happens so much easier with this lens. Yippee!

So, I found out that I have to be a bit of a distance away from my subject (or else it blurs the foreground too much).  So I have to stand about a foot and a half away from the subject.

Porcelain cockatoo bird in a living roomI used to have to (or should I say try to) make all of my shots very picture perfect – but with the blurred background I can take more “normal shots.”  It’s what my house is like all the time anyway – the background may be messy…but now no one can tell!!  Ok, this is temporary!  I will have to start cleaning up every single room in my house – instead of just the ones I am photographing at the time.  But this lens gives me a little breathing room!

Cream teapot with flowers

By going too close to a subject, I also got some shots that I didn’t expect.  This photo below of my Swedish clock face, which I was way too close to, gave me an unusual image of the reflected ceiling fixture in my entryway!

ceiling fixture in a blurred clock face

Here are some other random shots I took of my home…

Collage of accessories in a home: hurricanes, florals and teapot

Collage of and painted bird mural, floral bouquet and books in bookcase

If you have a DSLR camera (I have a Nikon D3100), you should check out purchasing this lens (fairly expensive though – a bit less than $500).  Nikkor makes several other lenses, like the 35mm f/1.8, that are less expensive and can give you these types of beauty shots.  What you want to look for are lenses that allow you to take pictures in lower light situations with lower f stops.

For my next lens purchase, I will be looking for one that will let me take very close shots.  That way I can illustrate some faux and furniture techniques better.  But for now, I am thrilled with this new lens.

Have you purchased any extra lenses for your cameras?  Let me know!

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5 Responses to Learning to Take Better Blog Pics: New Shots from a New Lens

  1. Hi Linda…your blog is beautiful…I love it! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your comment…it is always wonderful to hear from you!

    • Linda says:

      Hi Barbara – thanks so much for commenting! Glad you love my new blog. Can you comment with leaving your URL to one of your blogs? I just want to make sure that my new comment plug in is working?


  2. dee dee says:

    Well my dear… you have gone and created yet another wonderful blog! Such beautiful photos, very stunning… like nothing I can get with my point and click! I can’t figure out how to follow you so I added you to my bookmark bar to I can check on your updates there! so happy to hear from you!
    dee dee

  3. Mary Habres says:

    Beautiful pictures. I’m jealous – I need a camera like yours. My pix are terrible but, of course, I just happen to be photography-challenged. I’m sending this post to my husband as a hint of what I want for Christmas. Happy photo-taking!
    Mary Habres recently posted..Customer Referral TipsMy Profile

    • Linda says:

      Hi Mary – how do you think I got my camera? Hinting and showing my husband pics from other blogs!!! I am off to see your last blogpost – looks great!!!

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