Some Beautiful French Antiques…At Reasonable Prices!

From a blog by a fellow blogger, Jamaica Byles I learned about many beautiful stores, artists and antique dealers that I would never had heard about. One such is Tongue in Cheek Antiques

Tongue in Cheek Antiques’ owner – the poor dear, Corey Amaro, lives in the South of France (so jealous!) and her job is visiting various French Flea markets (that’s something I would do for fun!), and then she posts her finds on her site – for very reasonable prices. She collects beautiful remnants of how life used to be lived, such as calepins (see first image on the left – small decorative notebooks used by a woman at a ball to reserve her dance partners). People used to be so civilized! Plus ex votos (see last image in center – these were small decorative charms that would be placed in a church if a prayer had been answered.  On her site you’ll also find antique French stencils, love potion glasses, small pocket frames, antique measuring tape, French clock faces, French marriage vases, French stamp holders, communion wreaths and so many other beautiful things. Here’s a sampling –

 I purchased some antique music cards (left) – small cards that were used by French marching bands. Admittedly – I am weak when it comes to anything French and anything dealing with music – so I had to purchase these. I will frame them and use them in my home office – and, of course, by my baby grand piano in the living room.

Tonight, Jan 31st, Corey will be posting new finds. You do have to act fast – items get scooped up very quickly!  Good luck.

Please visit Jamaica’s other blog Pattern Lovely  – it’s her online journal where she experiments with beautiful surface and textile designs. She is so creative – and designs just flow from her. I took a silk screening class with Lucretia Moroni of Fatto a mano a few years ago – and I learned to draw my own fabric designs and wallpaper patterns (without the help of a computer). This was not an easy thing to do – so I am very envious of Jamaica’s natural talent.
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