Some Pinterest Favorites: Patchwork Chairs, Sofas and More

I can get lost adding images to my Pinterest boards.  I guess part of the reason is that I love to get the emails from Ben and the Pinterest gang  telling me how many people repinned the images that I have chosen.  It’s like a validation of great taste – or that’s what I tell myself anyway! 

This week I found a company called Squint Limited that’s based in London. They’ve been around for quite a while and I know that they have been featured on many blogs in past years – but due to the interest on Pinterest, I thought that it warranted another look.

A Victorian Chaise via Squint
I love the delicate fabric combinations and the textured looking silver-gray finish on the legs. I also love how the rest of the frame is upholstered – instead of showing the wood. It really gives it a different look – not your usual!
Beautiful wing chair and pillows from Squint via JuBella
Look at the beautiful detail on the back of this wing chair from Squint via Design Milk
They will upholster just about anything…chandelier shades and styrofoam wreaths.  Image via
They’ll cover the entire lamp…not just the shade. 
And they choose some incredible colors!  Image via Squint
This table gives me a lot of ideas, like handpainting, striping and stenciling something similar. 
 Image via Squint
I love this.  I can see it being done with stencils and handpainted motifs.
Upholstered chest from Squint via Design Milk
And how beautiful is this peacock mirror?
Anything is fair game for re-upholstering for Squint! Image via
The company was started by a former painter and sculptor, Lisa Whatnough.  She had a penchant for collecting antique textiles – and this was a wonderful way to put them to great use.  The prices at Squint – will make you squint but you can see how much time, creativity, passion and energy went into every one of these pieces.
Perhaps you will use these images, as I will, as inspiration for projects that you can make during the year.  My mind was going wild with thoughts of how I can use my own collection of fabrics for upholstered chairs that I have (that need some new clothes!)…and also some lighting and furniture pieces that I can re-do.
Hope this inspires you as well.  Let me know what you think of these fabulous pieces!

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3 Responses to Some Pinterest Favorites: Patchwork Chairs, Sofas and More

  1. Fun and whimsical. Yet, the furniture turns into sculpture because you're forced to look at it differently.

    Cool stuff!


  2. Linda Leyble says:

    Thanks John – that is a great way of saying it. It forces you to look at the pieces differently! I couldn't have said it any better!


  3. dee dee says:

    That wingback chair is to die for!
    Love it!
    dee dee

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