The E-Book on “Design Your Home With Color”

An E-Book to Give You Some Color Inspiration 


ornage, blue and green color scheme for a room

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2 Responses to The E-Book on “Design Your Home With Color”

  1. Christine says:

    1. Color troubles, den
    North facing room, porch overhand limits light.
    9′ ceilings double window
    Go medium dark of just dark, I know painting light won’t make the room bigger, 12×15

    2. Straight walls with angled wall up to ceiling, where to stop start wall and ceiling colors, or do the same?

    3. Please discuss meaning of mixing paint to 50%, 25%, versus just adding white to dilute.

    • Linda says:

      Hi – can you send me some pics of your room? I would love to help you out! Is your room going to be used as a TV room…an all round family room? Knowing the function of your room would help me to help you!

      If you have a room that’s 9 feet – does that include the angle or not? The 50 and 25% mixing white or other color for you may apply – it’s really a technique to avoid just painting your ceiling plain white. For example, if you go with a mid tone green, adding 25-50% of a white or off white for your ceiling color will help you to avoid that abrupt change to white on your ceiling.

      Please send a pic and I can help you!!



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