Today I am Loving…

I have had a long week of work (and a pretty dull, non-inspiring type of project) – so for today’s blogpost I needed some beautiful inspiration shots.  I hope you love these as much as I do…

Whistle While You Work:  These two office pictures make me smile. 
Who wouldn’t be inspired in this space? Designed by Erinn Valencich
If winter comes, can spring be far behind?: An outdoor room styled by Lucinda Moodie.  With the cold weather upon us, we need these warm reminders.
What do you look at first?  The black enameled, art deco door, the silver-leafed ceiling,
the dining room furniture, the beautiful round table and light blue and white chairs…the chandelier?  By architect Peter Pennoyer

The Hidden Door:  So beautiful and practical – why waste precious wall space!  Add a bookcase to your door.  Peter Pennoyer
Geometric Love at First Sight: This is definitely a “where do you look first” image.  Notice the circles, ovals and rectangles in repetition.  This room really has a rhythm going. I couldn’t live with this on a daily basis – but I love that ceiling and the mirror treatments on the walls.  From a past Pasadena Designer Showhouse by Linda Allen Designs

Total Serenity: You could easily wind down from a hectic day in this space.  Just add some chamomile tea. From Kips Bay Showhouse 2011, Elizabeth Pyne, McMillen Plus
Big Blue:  Who wouldn’t have fun sitting at this desk.  UK Designer Abigail Ahearn’s
turquoise desk makes a big splash in this room.  Her office is a constant reminder
to have fun and be creative.  Via The Selby
More Mora for Me: Look at the fabulous patina on this Swedish Mora clock. And the finish on the chair is fabulous too.  I’ll be doing a tutorial soon on how to achieve this look. 
Love Mora Clocks. The antique turquoise finish on the clock is very unusual – just love it.  Wallpaper and fabric from Thibault
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2 Responses to Today I am Loving…

  1. I want to plunk myself at the GORGEOUS turquoise desk ! I could work all day in that kind of space. Except, I would be wearing big fuzzy slippers. 🙂 Beautiful inspiration ! thank you !! Lynne

  2. Linda Leyble says:

    Thanks Lynne – this designer Abigail Ahearn – has a great blog too that you should check out!

    Great to hear from you again! Fuzzy slippers and all!


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