Will “Secrets from a Stylist” Bring Me Back to Watching HGTV?

Tune in Tonight: I am hoping that HGTV’s new show “Secrets From a Stylist” will renew my spirits so that I’ll start watching this channel again.  I used to be very addicted to HGTV – but the channel has lost its lustre for me over the years.  Too many cheaply created or formulaic programs (endless Househunters ad nauseum) had me switching the dial to find other prograns more worthy of my time.  So I hope that this year’s Design Star winner, Emily Henderson, will create a buzz on that network.  Then I’ll gladly return to watch!

Emily Henderson, with Glee co-creator, Ian Brennan
She has a modern., yet traditional take on designing – which I am looking forward to.  I like the way that she can take an unused, non-functional room and create a useful and beautiful space.  Practicality – not something over-the-top  – is what people really need to see on television today. 
Emily with Ian in his newly designed living room
I love her style and I am rooting for her.  Just hope that she has taken some diction lessons – and that she starts to speak a little more slowly. Let’s see how she does tonight – Saturday at 9PM.  Let me know what you think of the show!
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5 Responses to Will “Secrets from a Stylist” Bring Me Back to Watching HGTV?

  1. This is why I don't watch TV, I'm probably on this computer when this show is on and I was hoping to see this show…Oh well. Thanks for reminding me and for stopping by. I'm off to browse your blog…come dazzle me!

  2. Mark Samu says:

    I was a huge fan of HGTV until the last couple of years. Now I find the whole station almost unwatchable.

    They even managed to muck up the Candice Olsen show!

    Too bad.

  3. Linda Leyble says:

    Hi – Thanks everyone for commenting on my post. I know – HGTV has become unwatchable for me too, which is why I wrote the post. The programming people should be perusing blogs that discuss what's missing and wrong with HGTV. Even on their own blog there are disparaging remarks – but I don't think they are paying attention. A network that messes up Candice Olsen – the freshest design maven in years – should revisit their mission statement and business plan because someone is not minding the store.

    I am going to post my thoughts on how the show went in a few hours…there were some good points and some bad!

    Thanks again for commenting!

  4. Adore that metal trunk as coffee table!

  5. Linda Leyble says:

    Oh I know – isn't that great! It brings in the masculine and the industrial into this room. Thanks for commenting!

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