Would You Love to Have a Jolt of Daily Inspiration? Read Abigail Ahern’s Blog

I can’t remember how I came across this quirky, creative and wonderful UK designer, Abigail Ahern, but sometime last year I stumbled upon her blog, which I follow and read daily. Not only does she give you great ideas to try in your home…but the way she writes about design is so refreshing and funny while passionate and informative.

 Maybe it’s the Brit humor that I love (I must love it because I’m willing to read it at 2AM if I am having a sleepness night – that’s the time her blog reaches me here in the US)…but more than that…it’s her style that is very captivating and fearless.  I sincerely recommend that you check out her wonderfully witty and creative blog. With blog post titles like “Tips for Laid Back Lairs,” “Pushing Boundaries,”  “Decorating Changes Lives”  and, my fave – “Yabbering” you know you are in for a different kind of design discussion.

Her lively and vulnerable writing style will ease you into taking risks with your own decorating attempts. Willingly, she tells you of her failures (with paint colors and other design techniques) as well as her successes (her new BBC TV show “Get Your House in Order”…and her brilliant set design on the BBC cooking show with Heston Blumenthal).

She holds a Master Class Design School at her house (there are several coming up this year – check her blog for dates) and she may be doing one in New York City this year as well.  I hope so – ’cause I would love to meet her and be inspired by her energy, enthusiam and creativity. 

On her blog you also get to meet her two kids – her dogs, Mungo and Maud…who have their own Facebook page mind you!
So, if you are looking for some wonderful design inspiration (besides here, of course!!) on how to make your home really unique, I suggest that you read Abigail’s blog.  If you’re in London, she has a shop in Islington.  Next chance I get to be there, that will be my first stop.
If you would love to take some design risks in your own home…but you need a guiding hand, please call me at 631 793-1315.  Have a happy day!
All images via Mix and Chic except for the last photo via Abigail’s blog.

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  1. Jenine says:

    Thanks for sharing Abigail blog. I just am in love with he pics you shared.

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