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Putting Christmas Away

Packing Up My Favorite Christmas Decorations


Christmas decorations on a console in the living room

Even the lamps got into the Christmas spirit!

I know I’m a bit late in doing this, but I am only getting to put away my Christmas decorations. I put them up so late – Christmas Eve (trees and everything…and even some decorating Christmas morning before my family came over for dinner that afternoon) – so I just had to leave them up a little longer. It’s a sad time for me because I love these silly little trinkets (oh grow up, Linda)…but it’s true.

fauc poinsettia and tassel on a lamp

So, as I am getting ready to pack everything away, I thought I’d take some shots of my favorite things before I say goodbye to them until next year. This will also be a reminder for my husband who stows the boxes in our attic and swears that he has taken down every one each Christmas – yet I know which ornaments are still missing!

monkey play bongos Christmas ornament

But with everything put away, I’ll have a clean slate to begin some new projects in our house. I have a lot of ideas running around in my head – but with all the Christmas stuff still up it’s hard to plan! So goodbye Hula Christmas monkey…

horse Christmas ornament in tree

See you next year old horse…you’re off til next year…

Racoon ornament in Christmas tree

Well Rocky Raccoon is going back in his room…maybe he’ll find Gideon’s Bible!

florals and faux poinsettias in Christmas tree

Packing up the florals, ribbons and faux poinsettias…

 scrolled acanthus ornaments with Christmas tree and lights in background

Goodbye Christmas…til next year!

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An Easy Christmas Craft

Christmas card with gold glittered bird in a treeHave you ever bought a greeting card that you just had to buy because you wanted to make something like it?  Well – this happens to me all the time {which is why I have a ton of cards – but not as many completed projects!} But, this idea for making some special gift tags from this card was such an easy Christmas craft – I was able to do it in a matter of minutes.

a sketch of a bird on a gift tagFirst, I drew a quick sketch of the bird and the branches onto the gift tag. It doesn’t have to be perfect – just representational!

glue and gold glitter on a gift tagThen – the fun part! I used Elmer’s Glue to “paint” the bird and the branches.  I then used Meyer’s Glass Glitter (which is a bit more substantial than the glitter that you buy at Michael’s etc).  But – if that’s what you have on hand – that will work too.  An easy way to control the glitter from getting all over the place is to put in in a piece of paper to create a funnel.  Put your gift tag on a paper plate – and as you sprinkle the glitter will be saved in the plate for reuse.  I had to re-do some parts of the tag with more glue and another application.

a gift on the table with a gold glitter gift tag

I put the gift tag with the other birds in my house!

closeup of a gold glitter gift tag on a Christmas giftIt’s a simple little gesture to show someone special that they mean a lot to you.  This will be for my husband.  I still have to figure out what will go in it!  I am thinking of a really beautiful watch for him this Christmas.

There are so many other things you can make with this simple pattern (or other motifs that are simple to draw).  You could do this on ornaments and homemade cards, just to name a few ideas.

I hope that everyone is having fun decorating their homes.  Tell me what you’re doing in the comments below!


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