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This column will feature a particular paint color that is being used in interior design today. It will give you great ideas on how to use the color, what to pair it with – and what to watch out for when using it.

The E-Guide to Choosing Colors for Your Home…It’s Almost Finished

ornage, blue and green color scheme for a room

I Just Need to Know Your Color Struggles and Problems…so I Can Answer Them! I am in the midst of writing an e-guide on “How to Choose the Right Colors for Your Rooms” that I will be giving away to my readers. In general, it will cover some secrets on how I use color (and some common mistakes that you should avoid) but the main point of the guide will be to give you some … Continue reading

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Help! I’m Having a Problem Picking Paint Colors

  What’s Involved in a Paint Color Consultation?   I have received a few questions about how I go about doing a color consultation for my clients. Instead of answering separately, I thought it best to do a blogpost about it…so here goes!   Source Q: I am having trouble picking some colors for the first floor of my home. Can you tell me how I should prepare for a color consult with you and … Continue reading

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Color Roundup: Using Radiant Orchid in Interior Design

Radiant Orchid

My Take on Radiant Orchid   I have always been a fan of this color – whether a more or less intense or more red or violet versions. Color experts say it’s an artistic color (I would agree!) and that it symbolizes innovation, creativity and originality. Yup – in total agreement. This girl loved it so much that she dyed her communion dress orchid! A few days after the ceremony, I had my mother buy some … Continue reading

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Color Roundup: The Secrets to a Beautiful White Room

let art inform the color scheme in a white room

You all know how much I love color…especially on walls. I don’t have any white walls in my home but that doesn’t mean I hate white – I just hate it when white walls fail…because then the room fails. The room fails because most people either put a cacophony of color in the room to make up for the lack of color on the walls…or they don’t use any color or textures or patterns to make the … Continue reading

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Color Roundup: How to Pick the Right White Wall Color

 The Key to Picking the Right White I get this question all the time…”How do I pick the right white for my room?”  Hey, I’m the color girl remember? I love color and I would love to see my readers choosing more daring hues on their walls. White is one of those tricky paint colors because there are so many different whites and off whites to choose from – all with different casts of blue, … Continue reading

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Blue, Blue, My World is Becoming More Blue!

a serene bedroom in Woodlawn blue

  I have been a non-lover of blue for a long time now…but my taste has been slowly changing. I guess that happens to everyone.  Has this happened to you?   Back in 2007, my husband was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and while he was in the hospital I made a huge change in our Master bedroom, knowing that he would be recuperating for quite awhile. I wanted the room to be as serene and … Continue reading

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Orange You Glad It’s Fall? I Am!

modern orange and cream patterned chair

“Orange is red brought nearer to humanity by yellow.” — Wassily Kandinsky  If you haven’t noticed, I am a big fan of the color orange. Now that’s its fall I can find all sorts of accessories, florals, leaves…and pumpkins to plop into my home to give it a little fall lift. So, it’s a favorite time for me to decorate, redecorate and move things around a bit. Don’t be afraid to use orange in your … Continue reading

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Beautiful Pinkney Street in Annapolis MD

I just spent 5 days in Maryland visiting one of my oldest friends, Joanie, in Crofton, Maryland.  Every year I travel there with another childhood friend, Annie – and we always have a great time.  We have all been friends since 1st grade and we were bridemaids in each others’ weddings (and I was Joanie’s Matron of Honor when I was 9 months pregnant with my youngest!)  My friends…Joanie, left, and Annie on the right … Continue reading

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A New Guest Bath with a Metallic Plaster Finish

  Just a quick post today.  I helped a client recently who could not come up with the right color for her new guest bath.  The bath was done in gray, white and pearl tones and so my client figured that a clean white would work for the walls – it didn’t.  I brought over all the gray and white colors that I thought would work – they didn’t…and I knew why. A static color … Continue reading

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Color Roundup: Chartreuse, Lime and Apple Green in Interior Design

Since I’ve been planning on decorating another guest room in my house, I’ve been thinking long and hard about using chartreuse or lime green fabrics in it.  It’s the smallest bedroom in my house {vacated not too long ago by one of my stepsons} which now houses a lot of my home staging accessories, fabrics, wrapping papers and other items that come and go in my home. I am thinking of keeping the walls light – probably white – … Continue reading

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