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Happy Easter to You!

Easter, holiday table setting, bunnies, Long Island

A Very Happy Easter Wish To all my friends…may this beautiful holiday be filled with family and friends, faith and love, happiness and joy. This Easter I am so happy because there was a rift in my family – but it’s beginning to mend. Everyone will be at the table this year – I am so grateful for that.   Happy, Happy Easter to all!  

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July 4th: History, Fun, Family and Some Recipes

a Fourth of July trifle from the Kitchn

“All great change in America begins at the dinner table.” – Ronald Reagan. So why not at our own dinner tables…on July 4th especially?  Do we really instill the reasons why we celebrate the 4th? We need to – more and more. Our family had its share of political talks but also of the reasons why we wanted our freedom – and why this is so important. But, of course, the celebratory part took over.  I … Continue reading

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A Winter Mantel and an Online Class in Photography

fireplace mantel with candles, books and mirror

Books…Candles…Pinecones…Action! I was so late in taking down my Christmas decorations…and I finally decided that today I was going to de-Christmas my mantel as well. I’m still loving the wintery look, so I used some greenery, pinecones, candles and mercury votive holders but I added some books to the mix this time. Winter is a time when I read a lot more than I do the rest of the year, so the decoration fits my … Continue reading

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Putting Christmas Away

Racoon ornament in Christmas tree

Packing Up My Favorite Christmas Decorations   Even the lamps got into the Christmas spirit! I know I’m a bit late in doing this, but I am only getting to put away my Christmas decorations. I put them up so late – Christmas Eve (trees and everything…and even some decorating Christmas morning before my family came over for dinner that afternoon) – so I just had to leave them up a little longer. It’s a … Continue reading

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Happy New Year’s to All and a Little Table Decoration!

Happy New Year Christmas ornaments and candle on table

 Happy New Year’s to All My Readers and Friends I hope you are all planning a wonderful celebration.  I am having a little pre-dinner celebration and then my husband and I are meeting my brother and sister-in-law (a yearly tradition) and having a wonderful Italian dinner – and we’ll be ringing in the New Year at the restaurant. I am looking forward to it!  On the table I put about 4 or 5 clocks. A … Continue reading

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A Fun Quiz for Christmas

first lines of Christmas songs quiz

The other night I played a fun game with my family. The object of the game was to figure out the first lines of famous songs based on a set of initials. We had 13 people – so one was the judge (to determine how many answers were right and to count up who got the most answers correct) and the rest of us split up into 4 teams of 3. Team members should go … Continue reading

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Changing Our Great Room Fireplace Mantel: Day Two

antique photo in a bottle

For Mother’s and Father’s Days, I made the great room mantel more personal…reflecting the people in our family.  Purposely, I displayed photos of mothers with daughters especially for Mother’s Day. I brought out a cherished picture of my mom that I really need to save and preserve better than I have it now (or else I will lose it).  It’s such a small but lovely photo of her that I wanted to give it more … Continue reading

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