A New Magazine to Inspire You

A new magazine celebrates green living, revamping old to new…in a beautiful way!

2009 saw many design magazines come and go – Domino, O at Home, Cottage Living, Southern Accents and many others bit the dust this past year. But yet there are some intrepid publishers that still want to enter these treacherous waters!

One magazine is called Flea Market Style. I love the magazine because it helps us stay “green” by using our own or others’ castoffs in new and beautiful ways. I pick up many “found on the side of the road” items and I repaint, stencil and handpaint them back into loveable objects – but this magazine really does a beautiful job of it. Read more about the magazine at

About Flea Market Style

A layout from Flea Market Style
The magazineĀ helps us to see our old discarded things with new, creative eyes
A revamped dustpan! Making it into a flower box is highly imaginative as well as beautiful

Another idea is the creative reuse of an old lantern that is no longer functional. It combines using some things that you would otherwise toss out – old wallpaper and lighting.

I always encourage my clients to ferret out things that have been banished to the basement, attic or garage – because there’s “gold” lurking there! So – reuse, save money – and have beautiful “green” homes!
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2 Responses to A New Magazine to Inspire You

  1. Hello Linda,
    Thanks for your visit.I too love to repurpose old things, and as we live in an old farmhouse with old out buildings, there's no shortage of cast off items.Love your lantern, btw – and thanks for sharing Flea Market Find….LOVE it.
    Good luck with your renovations.It all sounds really lovely…..

  2. Linda Leyble says:

    Hey Shawn – thanks for writing! I do love to renovate old or unloved furniture and things to make them beautiful and loved. Everyone should recycle – especially nowadays.

    Where are you located? I envy the fact that you live in an old farmhouse. That's what I would love! And you have out buildings – I could really use that. My two car garage is stock full of items I'm restoring and painting and refinishing! Feel free to post pictures of items you've redone – would love to see them. I hope to make this a lively blog – where I can answer questions etc for people who are re-doing their homes and furniture etc. I would like to be a resource for people!

    Thanks again for writing…

    Linda Leyble

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