Announcing a Free Giveaway and an Audio Interview with Color Consultant and Designer, Michelle Winick


Well I hope everyone had fun watching the Superbowl.  Did your team win?  Well, now it’s back to work and so to make your days a bit more fun I’m announcing a “Giveaway.”  (Scroll down for the info on how to enter!)

I’ll be giving away a beautiful fan deck of colors created by designer and color consultant, Michelle Winick, for the Muralo Paint Company.  The fan deck consists of actual painted samples (not a picture!), so you can see the exact colors that you will get.  And what beautiful colors they are!  They are rich, usable colors that will work in everyone’s home.  Michelle spent a lot of time working tirelessly on developing the color line – and I can tell you from experience that all of my clients are very excited about all of these hues.  For all of you designers and color consultants out there – you just whip out this deck…and the client says “Yes,” I love those colors.  So your job just got a little easier!

The beautiful range of colors from The Michelle Winick collection
A Mudroom with  walls in Rain Drop (MW-16) and Glowing White (MW-41), trim

Walls, Ocean Rain (MW-14) and Glowing White (MW-41) on trim
These rooms were just newly painted (so excuse the non-furnished photos).  But you can see how rich the colors look on the walls.  If you would like to see more rooms with her colors, please go to Michelle’s Flickr page HERE.
Each color is usable and they go with the fabrics, marbles and granites that homeowners and designers are using today.  In fact, that was what inspired Michelle to develop the collection in the first place.  Being that she worked for many years as an in-house designer in paint stores, she heard firsthand homeowners’ problems of matching a paint color with a particular marble, granite or wood tone.  Either there were too many choices available on the market (and hard to winnow it down) or else the grays available never matched the colors in marbles or the neutrals didn’t go with the wood tones.  So, she decided that her goal should be to make choosing paint colors a whole lot easier for homeowners and designers and other paint specifiers. The paint company, Muralo, was only to happy to have Michelle develop a line for them. 
If you don’t know Muralo, they have been around for a very long time – over 120 years.  They are the largest family-owned paint company in the United States.  The company manufactures very upscale paint products – and I love them, especially for their semi-gloss paint for trim and moldings.  It’s the closest water-based paint to oil-based that I’ve found.
Recently I sat down with Michelle for an interview.  She explains her art and design background and the creative reasoning and process that went into developing the line for Muralo.  Here’s the audio clip:

Interview with Michelle

There are several ways to enter. The more ways you enter…the better your chances!

1. Become a follower of my blog using Google friend connect on my sidebar. (If you don’t have a Google account, you must put your email in the comment box – or else I don’t know how to reach you to tell you you’ve won!). Leave a comment below saying you are now a follower.

2. Like Michelle’s Facebook page HERE and then leave a comment below saying you did so.

3. Share the giveaway info on your Facebook page or Blog page and come back here and comment that you did that too. Then you will have 3 entries – more chances to win!

I will do the giveaway on February 18th, 2012 and announce the winner.

Michelle’s paints are available online HERE

So enjoy and enter away…Good luck and have a BEAUTIFUL day.!!!!

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13 Responses to Announcing a Free Giveaway and an Audio Interview with Color Consultant and Designer, Michelle Winick

  1. Virginia says:

    Thanks for this. My daughter MElissa is a decorator here in Birmingham and I'd love to win the paint deck for her. She will love these gorgeous colors!
    PS I am now a follower. I could have sworn I did it earlier……..hmmmm

  2. RiverSwan says:

    Would love to win the fan of colors! So many wonderful choices to pick from! Construction project near the final stages, and will be picking paint colors soon! So many to chose from the Michelle Winick line (would make the decision process earier)!!!- I am following your blog – and LOVE Michelle's page! Thanks!

  3. Love the soft neutral hues….these are right up my alley especially as we're planning a renovation in the not too distant future.

  4. Anonymous says:


    I definitely want to win that beautiful fan deck of paint colors.Just completed liking Michelle's page and posting your giveaway on my facebook page. I already follow you. Love this gorgeous blog!

    Your Florida Buddy,
    Mary Habres

  5. Following you via GFC. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

  6. Maria Killam says:

    Yay for colour!

  7. dee dee says:

    Fantastic idea Linda and such a great give-a-way! I your newest follower (on both blogs!) and am looking forward to exploring your blog tonight!
    Finding the perfect color is hard (I am an artist so I am picky about the undertones that most people don't tend to see!) Michelle's fan deck looks to have a wide range of beautiful neutrals!
    dee dee

  8. Michelle's colors look terrific! The fact that the fan's are completed with real paint vs a photographic process is huge! Sally and I would love to have MIchelle's fan deck in our paint fan deck section of our library.

    I liked Michelle's Facebook page.


  9. Maria Paray says:

    Thanks for the invite, Linda! What a nice giveaway, gorgeous colors!

    Now following your blog, always something new to learn 🙂

  10. Maria Paray says:

    Oops, forgot to mention, I also liked Michelle's page!

  11. Marc t. Nielsen Interiors says:

    We “liked” Michelle's FB page. The colors look great! Would love to work with them.

  12. I'm a new follower. Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog.

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