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This column will feature a particular paint color that is being used in interior design today. It will give you great ideas on how to use the color, what to pair it with – and what to watch out for when using it.

Color Roundup: Fuchsia in Interior Design

I don’t know what it is…but I have been seeing this color EVERYWHERE lately. Wasn’t a version of it, Honeysuckle, the Color of the year for 2011?  What happened to Emerald Green? I see it, in its warmer tones, in wedding color schemes… via Martha Stewart Weddings In Clothing… On Etsy,  bolero via and tutu via  Or, with some purple added, in home furnishings… Nina chair from World Market; Ikat pillows from Furbish and Arianna Belle I remember … Continue reading

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Color Roundup: Using Black in Interior Design

OK – I know that you might be a bit scared to use a lot of black in a room (especially on your walls). But if you haven’t tried it, I encourage you to use black in at least one of your rooms for 2013. As you’ll see in the examples I’ll show you today, black – when used correctly – lends sophistication, drama and punch to a space.   In a rustic room, black … Continue reading

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Color Roundup: Rustic Stone and Brick Used in Interior Design

For today’s Color Roundup, in lieu of a color, I decided to show some incredible stone and brick interiors.  Nothing says rustic like a beautiful stone fireplace, accent wall or exposed brick ceiling or wall.  I’ve always been so attracted to interiors that incorporate these elements. Whether majestic, as the gorgeous Tudor style living room, above, by Mark Cravotta Studios… Or cottage style, as above by The Knickerbocker Group in Maine. Using stone can transform … Continue reading

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Color Roundup: Using Red in Interior Design, Part 2

Hi everyone!  I did a post on using red in interior design a little while ago but I had to make it a short post because we were going through Hurricane Sandy. So today I’d like to continue with this gorgeous hue {so fitting because of the season too!}   Gorgeous red-orange handpainted wallpaper in a home office would make me want to stay there more often and work.  Designer Betsy Burnham did a beautiful job in … Continue reading

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COLOR ROUNDUP: Eggplant in Interior Design

Eggplant – or if you prefer the elegant French…Aubergine – is such a great color to use in your interiors. Those who are bold might use it on the walls in an entire room…or you can just assemble some rich eggplant hued accessories together for a beautiful winter (or all year round) look.  Put together some eggplant with some other fruits and florals and you’ll have an easy and elegant centerpiece for holiday entertaining. Above, … Continue reading

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It’s almost December and soon the warm and lovely colors of Fall will give way to the reds, greens, golds, silvers and whites of the Holiday Season.  So today I wanted to pay homage to orange, burnt orange and russet hues.  They are among my favorites to use because they seem to go with just about every color and they can warm up a room instantly. There’s nothing better than a warm, inviting and appetite … Continue reading

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Color Roundup: Emerald Green

When I was a kid, I envied anyone who was born in May because their birthstone was Emerald.  I loved that gem so much – still do.  My birthday is in August – which lists two birthstones – the very pretty Peridot and Sardonyx.  Before I learned about Peridot, I pleaded with my mother to buy me an Emerald ring, just so I didn’t have to have an ugly birthstone like Sardonyx! I did get … Continue reading

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Color Roundup: Using Red in Interior Design

Good morning everyone.  Before I start with today’s color, I just want to say that I hope everyone is doing well.  Since Sandy, we have been without power but I am so happy that my family is safe and sound.  We had very little damage to our property – some fallen trees and some missing fence sections – but all of that is very fixable.  My stepson had terrible flooding in his house and now he’s … Continue reading

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Color Roundup: Using Navy Blue in Interior Design

Navy blue and indigo hues are so useful and versatile in interior design.  These colors can be used in kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, outdoors, in playrooms and they are great as accent colors as well.  When combined with different colors that you wouldn’t expect – like pink – the pairing creates energy.  With whites – especially with moldings, furniture and fabrics, the look can be modern and classic. White sets off navy blue beautifully. Above, the … Continue reading

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Color Roundup: Yellow…Mellow or Bold, It’s a Happy Hue

  I’ve been in love with yellow my whole life.  I have such memories of my favorite summer dress as a child and it was a pale creamy yellow ground with yellow flowers all over it.  I can still envision it in my head and I remember longing for it long after I outgrew it. My favorite rose color – yup, yellow. I even had to get myself some yellow (ok…blonde) hair 15 years ago! Ok – … Continue reading

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