Color Roundup: Rustic Stone and Brick Used in Interior Design

beautiful stone living room in a Tudor style home

For today’s Color Roundup, in lieu of a color, I decided to show some incredible stone and brick interiors.  Nothing says rustic like a beautiful stone fireplace, accent wall or exposed brick ceiling or wall.  I’ve always been so attracted to interiors that incorporate these elements. Whether majestic, as the gorgeous Tudor style living room, above, by Mark Cravotta Studios

rustic bath and bedroom Or cottage style, as above by The Knickerbocker Group in Maine. Using stone can transform your room into a warm and rustic space that’s steeped in history {whether real or faux}.

Here are a few others images of their work…

beautiful stonework

beaitiful stonework in a living room

stone fireplace

driftwood railing, stonework entry

The stonework is amazing…but how lovely is the driftwood railing!

Thom Felicia fireplace with Restoration Hardware mirror

Beautiful fireplace with a simple mantle and Restoration Hardware mirror

Speaking of beautiful, rustic spaces, above – a great fireplace by designer Thom Felicia.

original stonework in a Pennsylvania homeWhether old or new – stonework walls lend authenticity to any home.

beautiful stone walled bath by Ryan FordOne of the first photos, above,  that I saved while researching for this post was a gorgeous bath – image by Ryann Ford photography. It is so Zen-like, I can imagine meditating here daily – and I don’t do enough of that {do I hear a resolution coming on??}

brick barreled ceiling

brick barreled ceiling in a living room in Greenwich villageLet’s not forget about brick – the two above photos are images I saved several years ago from a feature on Apartment Therapy.  This space in Greenwich Village, NY has such amazing architecture.  I’m not a fan of the furnishings…but I love the barrel vaulted ceiling and all the brickwork and this feature – a gorgeous stone fireplace…

beautiful, ornate stone  fireplace

I think that of all the rooms that feature stonework, the kitchen is my favorite.  There’s such simple beauty in it that I just want to start cooking and invite people over.

rustic stone kitchen in Provence

original stonework in a Provence kitchenThis beautiful kitchen in Provence has very simple, clean-lined cabinetry and modern amenities – but the original stonework is amazing! When you juxtapose the modern with the old, it creates such beauty.

The French really know how to cook and they whip up beautiful kitchens as well. The following spaces were designed by Marie Laure Helmkampf, an interior designer practicing in the South of France.

beautiful stonework in a modern kitchen

beautiful stone walled kitchen

She does really beautiful spaces, other than kitchens as well.

beautiful bedroom with stone wallsI love how she used the stonework as the headboard

You can get great inspiration on using stone by looking at some hotels in Europe and elsewhere.  Here are some images from the Caro Hotel in Valencia, Spain – a great mix of modern and old world.

Hotel Caro in Valencia Spain. Mix of old walls with modern furnishings

Caro Hotel in Valencia Spain. Rustic walls and new furnishings Valencia-Classic-Contemporary-Hotel-Caro-Modern-Classic-Lounge-with-Minimalist-Black-Chairs

Have you used stone or brickwork for any of your interior rooms?  Let me know – I would love to see them. Later this week, I will show you some projects and samples of how I created some faux bricks and stonework using plasters.

Hope you are having a great 2013 so far.  Happy New Year!

Image credits 1) Cravotta Studios 2 – 5) The Knickerbocker Group  6) Thom Felicia via House Beautiful 7) Old House Online 8)Ryan Ford Photography 9-11) Apartment Therapy 12-13) The Kitchn  14-16) Marie Laure Helmkampf  17-19) Caro Hotel

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5 Responses to Color Roundup: Rustic Stone and Brick Used in Interior Design

  1. Hi Linda. I guess I could live in any kind of a home as long as it was as pretty as these. I’m kind of all over the place, guess that’s why I can never get anything done! But I have made a new year’s resolution. To be better organized. Ha! I’m off setting a blistering pace. Thank you for your kind comments to me and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and this year will be much better, even if I don’t get organized!..Judy

    • Linda says:

      Hi Judy – I have the same resolution each year and I always fall short. But creativity is messy – at least that’s what I keep telling myself!

      Happy New Year!

      PS – next time you comment, see the CommentLuv box below your comment. It will link back to your last comment on your blog. Helps bring more people to your blog also!

  2. What a beautiful collection of amazing spaces you’ve assembled! Thank you for including our work in your stable.

    Mark Cravotta
    Cravotta Studios

  3. These stone and brick interiors are amazing, they look classic and elegant. It looks sophisticated that also compliment the furniture in the photos. Thank you for sharing this idea.

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