Decorating a Mantle for Christmas

decorating a Christmas mantleAs a holiday tradition, I love to decorate my mantle for Christmas…but this year I needed to do something simpler and more natural.  Maybe it’s because my tastes are changing or perhaps it was the wrath of Hurricane Sandy that left me with a little less energy this year {and the fact that I had a lot of broken evergreen branches in my yard that I could use}.  I just felt the need to go with lots of items that I already had on hand…clear bottles that were in a cupboard, tea lights and mercury votives, some apples, pinecones that I bought last year – and a lovely mirror that I purchased several years ago that hadn’t really found its place in my home yet.


mantle decorated for Christmas

The hardest thing about this was putting up the mirror. My husband thought it was too big for the mantle but I insisted it would fit {after I measured, of course}. It was pretty tight and there was no way we could have it leaning on the mantle because of the fragility of the edges and the curvature of the piece. I was so relieved when it went up with a traditional hook and wire.

Christmas mantle

mantle with chandelier

Christmas mantle decoration

I hope everyone is having fun putting up their decorations.  When they are simple and natural…it’s less stressful!  I need that ’cause now I have to finish my Christmas shopping!

Happy Holidays! Leave a comment below to tell me how you are decorating your home this season!

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