A Farewell to Summer Post

closeup of roses in burlap on entry tableSummer is over and I am a little sad but I’ll fondly look back at all the wonderful things that this season brought.  My daughter moving back here from California – after “too long” an absence. Getting to know my gorgeous granddaughter…5 month old Peyton.  My heart skips a beat every time I see her and hold her.

entry table with teapot full of flowers and roses in burlap

Summer brought me a new re-designed blog and I am so grateful that I had the money in the bank to afford it! Thank you Blair for doing a wonderful job and putting up with my endless questions.

entry table with teapot full of flowers, roses in burlap on an antiqued chair

I am also so thankful to my wonderful husband, Richard, for buying me two things I really, really needed for my birthday – a new mini van and an iPad.  I only asked for the iPad…was totally blown away by the mini van.  I promise to be very careful with it and not get paint on it (like I did with my old one).  Lesson learned!

entry table with old, aged books and a sconce as decoration

I am also so thankful for the birthday gift certificate from my two daughters – so that I can buy a 50mm f1.4 lens for my camera…so that I can take really cool close up photos. It’s in the mail – I can’t wait!!

Although I had a great summer, it’s still sad to let go of the warm weather, the flowers, the beach, sailing and great scenery.  But I’m looking forward to fall – with my favorite colors of russet, orange, cinnamon, deep chocolate and gold.  I am looking forward to decking out my home in those fantastic hues.

Thanks for coming to my blog.  What great things happened to you over the summer?  And what are you looking forward to this fall? Let me know!

PS – If you would like to know how I did the finish on the table (it used to be an ugly shade of pale olive green, go here for the recipe.  The only difference was that this table was painted off white first. I was lucky to pick it up when Bombay was going out of business. Ditto for the small chair on the table – found it in a back room of a gift shop that was going out of business (but it was an electric green when I found it!)


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