A Step By Step Recipe for a Romantic Bedroom for Valentine’s Day & Forever

A beautiful, romantic bed by Tricia Guild

Setting the Stage for Romance: How does your bedroom rate romantically? Does it put you and your partner “in the mood” or “to sleep?” Well, if you haven’t revamped your bedroom in a while – it’s time to spruce it, spice it and sex it up for Valentine’s Day. A romantic bedroom will make you want to stay in on that night – and forego an expensive night out at a restaurant. Those costly Valentines’ nights at restaurants are never what they promise anyway – they are usually devoid of the variety of food the restaurant usually has…the place is always over-crowded…and the wait time is always longer than normal. So – spend some time with these tips and give your bedroom a loving make-over. I’ll be doing it step-by-step, so reserve a few weekends from now until the big day to make your Valentine’s night a memorable one.

Beautiful, sumptuous fabrics elegantly draped help create a romantic mood;
Image from Material Girls blog


Clear the Clutter First: Before you can do anything to your room – you have to get rid of all the extra stuff that doesn’t belong. Do you pay your bills in your bedroom? Does it function as a part time office? Most people’s rooms these days do double duty, but if your bedroom’s function has been taken over by too many file folders, receipts and other office paraphernalia – you have to think about another space for this stuff. At least, create a way to corral these things beautifully and unobtrusively with a beautiful box or basket.

Once you’ve cleared the clutter, you may even have some room left to create a quiet retreat within your bedroom, as in this seating area from HGTV

If your bedroom is also the repository of toys and children’s items – these things really should be in the playroom or your children’s bedrooms. Is your treadmill in the bedroom? If you have space in your basement or spare room – that’s where it should go.

Do you have a TV in your bedroom? That should go as well. I know that many people love their bedroom TVs – but we are talking about romance here. If you must have a TV in your room, use a beautiful armoire or cabinet that you can close and put away from sight. We want all the focus on you and your beloved. Not Oprah and American Idol. Once the excess distractions and clutter are gone – the fun can begin.

Wouldn’t your TV look better hidden behind a beautiful armoire such as this? This armoire from Wildflower Organics retails for $4000, but you could spend as little as $400-500 for an armoire that will hide the TV away.  Our studio can also replicate the above armoire (or any other design) for a fraction of the $4000 pricetag 
A much better way to hide the TV!

Think About a More Sensual Wall Color: Real estate beige doesn’t say romance to me. So think about deep pink reds, honey golds, a rich dark brown, deep blue, plum or eggplant for your romantic backdrop. If you are timid about going bold and dark – consider painting just the focal point wall where your bed is. If you just have to have a neutral wall color – then considering bring in more colorful fabrics and pillows.

A soft, neutral background is relaxing and romantic. We softened and lightened all the furnishings in this bedroom in Bridgehampton NY to give it a more relaxed and serene feeling

A richly colored backdrop and hand painted Chinoiserie on the focal point wall is romantic also. Design by Kendall Wilkenson
Gorgeous metallic, patterened wallpaper from Designer’s Guild, a tufted, decorative bed from La Maison and mirrored night tables create a romantic scene
The Sheets and Bedding: If you haven’t bought new sheets in awhile, you might want to consider buying some new ones – preferably 400 thread count and above. Wash the linens first, of course – then spritz with some linen spray. Another great idea is to add a down feather bed over your mattress. It will feel like you are resting on a cloud.


Be all roses on Valentines Day with  lacy bedskirt and beautiful bedding by LuLu Guinness
The Persian Collection bedding from John Robshaw can set an exotic mood

 Scents and Flowers are Sensual: We need to excite all the senses – not just sight and touch. Ever since doing design work in the beautiful Bridgehampton home of Jennifer Balbier, a Senior VP at Estee Lauder, I have been a Jo Malone candle lover. Spread the candlelight around the room – one on each night table and perhaps one or two in the bathroom – just in case the romance begins there! But don’t overload the room with candles – it can be a fire hazard. Think about add some fragrant massage oils at bedside.

Stay tuned for more advice in my next post!

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