Emily Henderson & Secrets From A Stylist on HGTV: Part II

Well, after watching the premiere show last week I have to say there were things that I thought were great – and things that I was a bit puzzled about.  I loved the final room creation and the way that Emily was able to meld the husband and and wife’s styles – but I had a little trouble with the fact that Emily painted the entire room blue first – only to completely change the color later.

The first incarnation from the premiere show,
which was more the wife’s style – a Hollywood Regency look

This is a gorgeous look, but it suited the wife’s style more than the husband’s.  So – Emily went into her “change the wall color etc” mode…

Living Room…After.  This brought more of the Hollywood Men’s Club look that the husband loved

With the wall color change plus some of the furniture and accessories changes – I think she really achieved a beautifully blended look that suited both the husband’s and wife’s styles.

After seeing Episode 2, you begin to get the real method behind the madness theme in this show – The first look is supposed to be good and the second…better. If my clients ever start making me change the wall color after approving one – I would be out of business! However – on Emily’s blog – we learn that the production company is OK with this and the cost to re-do is included. 

Emily with the Ravals from Episode 2

If you notice the orange accent wall in the picture above, that was the “re-do” wall in this episode.  Emily says that men love accent walls.  That must be so because my husband had accents walls all over his house (that I changed after moving in!).  Most were done with wallpaper (nothing worse than wallpaper for a decorative painter!).  In this episode, Emily painted the accent wall orange – for the husband.  It really wasn’t good – and I am a lover of that hue.

The first incarnation – the orange accent wall that the husband favored somewhat
The second incarnation – that retains an accent wall – but softened and
more in keeping with the wife’s style

All images from “Secrets” from HGTV

I love what Emily did here – the ikat pillows and the chairs (and that great velvet chair in the corner). She brought in more the Madmen look into the room – but softened it to suit the wife’s aesthetic. I am still not in love with the door that remained in a wood tone – but it does blend with the floor.  I would have painted both the moldings and the door in the soft gray because I think it stands out too much and it’s not a great standout look.

On the Accent Wall Change. On her blog she tells readers that the accent wall looked great on TV but the wallpaper (an Asian grasscloth) installer did a really bad job, complete with seams showing etc.  She had to bring in another installer (a woman who she said she would never give out her name because she’s so good and she’s be afraid she’d get too busy!).  Oh brother – I hope my clients don’t feel that way!  But, I digress.  This installer came in and removed the badly done grass wallpaper and re-did it perfectly. 

I think she did a beautiful job.  I am really starting to love this show.  Would love to hear what others think!

Speaking of grasscloth/fabric looks on the wall.  I just love the look of grasscloth etc on wall…accent wall or full room walls.  It’s a lovely way to bring in texture to your room.  At our studio, we do install wallpaper – but one of our specilaties is doing faux fabric and grasscloth looks on walls and other surfaces.  In the Hamptons, we did a beautiful raw linen look/parchment on nightstands, so it’s a great effect even on small accents in your home.

A faux raw silk finish that we did in Garden City NY
A pearl silk patterned finish that we did in a sitting room in Bay Shore NY
This fabric/grasscloth look is really beautiful.  I am even doing this look in my mudroom. When I’m finished – I will post!
If you would love to have these beautiful looks in your home, call me at 631 793-1315 or email me for a free consultation at Linda.Leyble@gmail.com
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  1. Fabulous details!
    loving the blue&white ikat textile!

  2. I like your blog!…Daniel

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