Feathering Our Nests

Nesting – Instead of Moving. Faith Popcorn, the guru of spotting trends, wrote in one of her books that “nesting” would be a trend among homeowners. She wrote this long before the recent trouble in the housing market. Homeowners are staying put, rather than selling up right now and they are fluffing, sprucing and re-doing their homes to create a more perfect “nest.” I thought that my decorative paint/design business would have suffered a lot during the recession – but I have found that the phone is ringing with homeowners wanting a beautiful Master Bedroom Suite, a gorgeous dining room or living room…a drop dead kitchen.

Creating a beautiful entryway seems to be on everyone’s to do list these days. My studio has introduced a line of floor designs that are very affordable (way less than half the price of doing an inlaid wood floor design). If you are going to be sanding and re-staining your wood floors, you need to know about adding this beautiful addition to your entryway – or dining room, great room, living room – anywhere you want to make an elegant statement

In the above photo, we created a “faux” inlaid design motif for one of my clients in Dix Hills, NY. She told me that she was having her wood floors sanded and restained – so I suggested that she add an elegant touch to the entry. I brought over a portfolio of designs – and the next week, she had a wonderful treatment on her wood floors. One of my wood floor installers told me that a similar design done with inlays of wood – would have cost 3 times the price – and they would have had to do some demolition in the area the design was going in (additional cost, not to mention mess).

We have been doing these designs on floors – and now we are also doing them on ceilings as well. It’s a beautiful and creative additional touch to any home. It’s a relatively inexpensive way to feather your nest and fall in love with your home once again.

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