Sold in 2 weeks: A Successful Staging on Long Island

staging a living room to sell on Long Island

We staged this vacant home in Dix Hills in mid October of this year and it sold before the month was through.

The Story

Act 1: The homeseller was relocating and, at first, put the home on the market with his furnishings (very dated and the furniture arrangement left a lot to be desired). It didn’t sell.

Entryway with a bench that is too big for the space

Before: The home seller used a bench that was too big and dwarfed the entryway

What you notice first is the huge bench (and not the space) – and then your eyes would go to the dingy carpet in the living room. (see pics below for the “after” of the entryway).

Here is a before pic of the family room…

family room with furniture lined along the perimeter

Typical furniture lined up against the wall and ignoring the obvious focal point – the fireplace

And here’s our “after” pic – making two seating areas and utilizing the focal point

Creating two seating areas in a room will help buyers see how functional your home is

After: We created 2 separate seating areas in the family room and we placed a curved sectional in front of the fireplace – the focal point of the room

Act 2: He then tried to sell it vacant but all that did was call attention to the dingy carpets (and the need to remove them!) and the need to repaint. Even though the homeseller had the carpets cleaned – it didn’t help at all…they were very soiled and worn.

why you should not sell your home when vacant

The vacant room called attention to the dingy carpets and the outdated verticals

The home looked the worse for wear without any furniture in it. The home had a great layout – and an incredible backyard – but all of those virtues were trumped by the dinginess and the home being vacant. Potential buyers could not “see” how they could live beautifully in this home.

dining room in a vacant home for sale in Dix Hills NY

Before: Dingy wall to wall carpet in a dining room? Not for today’s buyers

Act 3: We staged it with beautiful furnishings and accessories – and we gave it a new lease on life. We convinced the homeseller that it was in his best interest to remove the dingy carpeting to show the hardwood flooring beneath. That brought more value to the home and gave it a lighter and cleaner appeal. It only took a day – what a difference.

always show hardwood flooring when selling a home

After: Showing hardwood flooring in a dining room will attract buyers

We wanted the homeseller to repaint some of the rooms (the color on the first floor was a very, very pale violet) but that wasn’t in his budget. So – we avoided bringing in any yellow (which would have helped amplify the violet hued walls). When we were finished staging, the walls didn’t scream violet – they appeared more like a pale gray.

Always remove old carpet if there is hardwood flooring underneath when you are selling your home

Removing the dingy carpet helped to brighten and modernize the living room

A few more pics…

kitchen after staging

The kitchen, although dated, looked bright, functional and move-in ready

creating a warm and inviting Master Bedroom on Long Island

Double sinks can help sell a home in today's real estate market

Double sinks are a key feature for buyers


a staged kitchen in Dix Hills NY

Another view of the kitchen

A console table is a great piece to use in an entryway.

After Staging: Using a console table that fits the space.


If you have a home (or a listing) on the market that’s vacant, please consider staging it first. According to the National Association of Realtors, it takes twice as long to sell a vacant home. Don’t wait it out (plus a probable price reduction…or 2 or 3!). Stage it before you list it. It will always cost way less than the first price reduction.

Today’s buyers are hypercritical – if they can’t figure out how to place their furnishings because a home is vacant – they will take your home off their list…and make an offer on another.

Staging works!

My thanks to Janet Manno, Associate Broker and Relocation Director of Douglas Elliman for bringing me in to help this home get sold…and to Catherine Lindstadt, Associate Real Estate Broker of Douglas Elliman for doing a great marketing job.

Call me if you would like to learn more about vacant staging, staging consultations…and how to sell your home or listing faster.



631 793-1315

PS – sneak peek of our latest vacant staging in Bohemia NY! Another Douglas Elliman listing. To see the full listing go here

vacant home staging

Our latest vacant home staging in Bohemia NY


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  1. Sue says:

    I am always amazed what a difference your staging makes in a home and plus how quickly the house sells after you add your special touches.
    Sue recently posted..All Aboard 747 Wing House Made Out of Old PlaneMy Profile

    • Linda says:

      Thanks Sue – sorry this reply is late. Thanks so much for always commenting and giving your valued opinion!!

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