Some Beautiful, Funny, Poetic and Gastronomic Things

Sometimes I come across some unusual, funny and beautiful things that are too good to just pass by – so I am sharing them with you today.

FUNNY: While we were in the Hamptons this weekend, my husband found this first one in Dan’s Papers.  I’m linking you to the online version…

Englsi Mastiff driving

Police Blotter from Dan’s Paper  – a 104 year old man was found drunk and on the passenger side of his vehicle while his pet English Mastiff was behind the wheel.


50 Sheds of GreyFUNNY GOOF GIFT FOR YOUR HUSBAND OR SIGNIFICANT OTHER:  Fifty Sheds of Grey.  Colin Grey started tweeting parodies of the best selling “50 Shades of Gray” last June and a publisher came calling with a book contract in hand.  In the book are selected tweets and some great, sexy photographs of sheds and some very funny lines.  Here are some of his recent tweets to give you an idea…

“I’m your slave,” she said breathlessly.  “Make me feel completely helpless and worthless.”  So I locked her in the shed and went to the pub.

“As I emerged from the shed, my bottom sore and red, I knew I’d learned my lesson. Always check for hedgehogs before you sit down.”

POETIC:  I found a truly beautiful blog, written by an American travel writer who lives in Provence, called Lost in Arles.  The photography is gorgeous and Heather Robinson, the author, writes such lovely blogposts that you will be seduced to stay awhile and read more and more about her life in France.

Chanteduc in Provence; cooking classes with Patricia WellsGASTRONOMIC: Well, this is a fantasy of mine that I wish would come true – but this is the location of Patricia Wells Cooking Classes in Provence, which I across today. Patricia has written many best selling cooking books – notably The Provence Cookbook.  She and her husband Walter open up their beautiful home called Chanteduc, near Avignon, for a few weeks per year.  You get to learn and cook in their kitchen – which houses Julia Child’s stove, which was a present from Julia. Check out her blog as well – I found a fabulous recipe of hers on it today for Braised Asparagus with Whipped Ricotta, Ham, Parmesan and Herbs. Sounds wonderful – and better than turkey leftovers!

calling card from the early 1900sA BEAUTIFUL CALLING CARD:  This was one of the books I kept when my father-in-law passed away.  I believe it was his second wife, Florence Leyble’s, book – she was a very progressive and intelligent woman and a professor at Brooklyn College. The address on the card was in Brookyn – so I assume it was hers…perhaps it was a Christmas gift to her from this woman.  What’s so interesting is that I looked up  the name and address and there was a Miss N.E. Cochrane at that address and she was a member of the Woman’s Suffrage Club. The book was printed in 1906 and perhaps when Florence was a young girl, she received this as a gift from a woman who helped women obtain the right to vote.  The calling card with the handwritten note left a little trace of this woman for me to wonder about.  I hope that I can find out a little bit more about this woman – but I love my little fantasy that Miss Cochrane helped Florence become the wonderful woman that she became.

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3 Responses to Some Beautiful, Funny, Poetic and Gastronomic Things

  1. Thank you so very much for mentioning Lost in Arles and for your really kind compliments!!! Wow, I really appreciate being featured in such fine company.
    Happy Holidays!
    Heather in Arles recently posted..Palate cleanserMy Profile

  2. I love posts like this. They wander along telling a wonderful story and revealing so much about the person writing the post. As I have helped my Mom begin dealing with downsizing, we have gone thru hundreds of books. So many memories and stories have been recalled and told as we have turned pages together or found a newspaper clipping tucked away inside a book’s cover. I hope you do find out more about Miss Cochrane.

    Thoughts on Design recently posted..Beauty is where you find it…My Profile

  3. You have some real insight into the things you write about. Be sure to keep writing.

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