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Color Roundup: Using Red in Interior Design, Part 2

red dining room with Chinese screen, light being dining chairs, faux bois panelling, Martha Stewart

Hi everyone!  I did a post on using red in interior design a little while ago but I had to make it a short post because we were going through Hurricane Sandy. So today I’d like to continue with this gorgeous hue {so fitting because of the season too!}


handpainted wallpaper in a home officeGorgeous red-orange handpainted wallpaper in a home office would make me want to stay there more often and work.  Designer Betsy Burnham did a beautiful job in this space, mixing the Chinoserie walls, the Chinese garden stool with the animal print rug over the Persian.  I love how the bird on the wallpaper looks like it’s pecking on the orchid on the desk.


Miles Redd red living room from Elle DecorRed comes in many shades and tones but when its a pinkish red, it has such a sweetness to it. How about upholstering your room in felt! This living room, designed by Miles Redd, has a light and feminine feel to it {especially with those lovely pelmets at the window}. I love the touches of blue in the carpet, the lamp, the accent chair and the vase. The wood furniture helps keep the room from being too light.


Benjamin Moore Garrison Red in a dining roomRed is a great color to use in a dining room.  It helps to stir up the appetite. Benjamin Moore’s Garrison Red, above, has a bit more brown in it than the Miles Redd living room color. I love the mirrored dining table – it magnifies the red even more.


Glidden's Red Delicious in a dining room

This is a deeper red from Glidden Paint called Red Delicious.

elegant red dining roomA lighter red {a deep pink} looks beautiful in a dining room. What a great entertaining space.  I love how the designer, Mark Morris, did the window treatments.  they give a softness to the room but they don’t obstruct the view or prevent you from using the doors.


crimson red metallic plaster in a powder room

Besides paint, fabric and wallpaper, think about putting a smooth red plaster on your walls.  We did a beautiful powder room in a Crimson Red metallic plaster and then installed decorative crown moldings {painting them a gold metallic and antiquing them}.  The ceiling is a pale gold – just to give it a little extra shimmer.

red tiled backsplashIf you are a bit timid about using red on all of your walls, try using it in smaller doses. Red is great in a kitchen.  Here it is used as a backsplash – beautiful!


red and white wallpaper, black Dorothy Draper chest and white drapesRed, black and white is a great color combination. Love the Dorothy Draper-esque chest! The red and white wallpaper is the punch that was needed in this room.


red wallpaper and white drapes, black accentsHere’s the red, white and black combination again with a more modern twist.  I love the Chinese Chippendale chairs painted black.


red geometric print on a ceilingUsing a red geometric pattern on a ceiling really brings out its curves in this Holiday House 2012 room from designer Inson Wood. The ceiling is a bas relief made from gold dusted and waxed Venetian plaster outlined with red lacquer.  I can tell you from experience that this took forever and a day to complete. On the far wall is a hand painted Gracie wallpaper in red.  Just beautiful.

So give red a try in your home.  Whether in large or small doses…it will warm and liven up any room.  It’s a gorgeous hue!

You may also be interested in this link –  “The Color Red, Part 1.”

Image credits: 1) Martha Stewart.com 2) Betsy Burnham via Design Sponge  3) Elle Decor 4) Rate My Space   5) Glidden  6) Mark Morris 7) Me –  The Colorful Bee 8) Maison Le Dragon 9) Turquoise LA via decorpad 10) Vanessa DeVargas via Houzz 11) Inson Wood

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My Tips for Using Color in Interior Design

Nature gives us great ideas for color schemes


On Mondays, I will be featuring a specific hue I have used in my work – plus some interesting ways that featured color is used by other designers and artists. Just click on the titles below to read some of the posts in this new column.


Emerald green accents for the living room


Miles Redd Interior Design + Using Navy Blue in Interior Design


using red in interior design, red in a powder room, Meg Braff InteriorsRED

soft blue green faux finish, French script on a wall. Designer ShowhouseSOFT BLUES and BLUE GREENS 

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Color Roundup: Using Red in Interior Design

Good morning everyone.  Before I start with today’s color, I just want to say that I hope everyone is doing well.  Since Sandy, we have been without power but I am so happy that my family is safe and sound.  We had very little damage to our property – some fallen trees and some missing fence sections – but all of that is very fixable.  My stepson had terrible flooding in his house and now he’s replacing sheetrock, flooring, re-doing wiring – and he had to throw out his sofa, cherished pictures and diplomas and other furnishings and belongings. Many here on Long Island are without power and many are without their homes and many have lost loved ones – so I am thankful that we came out of this relatively unscathed.  I pray for the people who sustained the worst of this storm. We donated to the Red Cross – I hope that many of you did.  Much is needed.

So…on to the color red.

red toile, red shade, red lantern by Meg BranffWhen you use red in interior design, you can really make a statement.  I’ve seen it used badly, of course, but when used correctly it’s dramatic and beautiful. In small doses, it give any room a lift and when used en masse – it makes a bold staement.

red room in town house; George Soros, Andrea Soros for sale by Corcoran Real Estate

Do have a spare $30M? This could be yours!

When you envelope a room in red, it warms you up immediately.  This beautiful room – which is owned by George Soros’ daughter, Andrea – is for sale right now for a mere $29,500,00.  Can you imagine this room just done in white or just light panelling?  It would be very cold and bland.  The way the color red is used here gives the space more human dimensions – the room doesn’t seem as vast and large. It helps to cozy the room up.

red walls, red chest, red accents from Martha Stewart

An all red room from Martha Stewart

The black accents in this room keep this space from being “too much red.”  Layering in red adds a generous amount of warmth to a room – so don’t be afriad to use this color.  Temper it with black frames, paler shades of red for fabrics – and add some gold to the mix.

lacquered red walls in a dining room by Brian McCarthy

Red is a great color for a dining room

The color red enlivens the appetite so it’s a great color to use in a kitchen or dining room.  The lacquered finish as used above  by designer Brian McCarthy also gives the color depth and it prevents the space from seeming too dark and imposing.

Sorry for the short post today. We have to turn off the generator to save gas!  Be back soon to finish this post!


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