My Tips for Using Color in Interior Design

Nature gives us great ideas for color schemes


On Mondays, I will be featuring a specific hue I have used in my work – plus some interesting ways that featured color is used by other designers and artists. Just click on the titles below to read some of the posts in this new column.


Emerald green accents for the living room


Miles Redd Interior Design + Using Navy Blue in Interior Design


using red in interior design, red in a powder room, Meg Braff InteriorsRED

soft blue green faux finish, French script on a wall. Designer ShowhouseSOFT BLUES and BLUE GREENS 

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3 Responses to My Tips for Using Color in Interior Design

  1. J. West says:

    Love those color tips from you. You are so talented…beautiful pictures, especially love the faux wall treatment with the lovely french script saying!

  2. Effie says:

    Turquoise, aqua, beachy-blues are my favorites for the last 5 or 6 years now. Question: since this has been such a huge trend lately, do you see it dissipating at all? I repurpose furniture and it seems to be the go to color for most paint overs (aside from shabby chic white).

    • Linda says:

      Hi Effie – yes I do think that turquoise, aquas and beachy blues will still be favorite colors. In fact, there’s a blog dedicated to the color – appropriately called “Turquoise. If you didn’t know about it, you should look it up. Continue repurposing in turquoise – but also look into doing some whites and off whites and adding blue green elements – like knobs (there are some gorgeous ones). Also, add some stencilling in blue greens and add turquoise one the edges and even in the insets of furniture – just to mix it up a bit! Add some gold leaf or silver leaf to your turquoise items – that would be beautiful!! Thanks so much for commenting!

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