Fall Colors and Memories Tablescape

Bringing in Fall Color and Memories into Your Home

glass dome with fall foliage and hydrangeas

So today I thought I’d show you a tablescape I did that brings in the last bits of fall foliage from my garden and a few mementos.  I love to bring in memories and special items into any vignette that I do.  

 Tablescapes for me are very difficult to photograph – but I keep trying.  Maybe I should break out the manual and the books I have about my camera in order to take some better photos.  This vignette is hard because it’s a fairly dark room and I decided to put a glass dome in it!  Every bit of light that’s in the room gets reflected in that dome.  I would love some comments from everyone on how to deal with this situation.

fall tablescape on server in dining room

I first went into my garden and snipped some of the last blooms and some hydrangeas.  I just love dried hydrangeas to bring in fall color and beauty.  I tried to only cut the woody stems on the plants that didn’t have as many blossoms.  A florist and good friend of mine – Debbie Boehl from Honeysuckle and Roses told me to cut this way, so as to not destroy next year’s growth.  I did snip some blossoms from a very full hydrangea bush, but I think that it will be fine for next year.  I do know that one form of hydrangea – Annabelle – can tolerate tons of snipping and grow back no matter what. You can even snip it and then place it in the ground and it will grow. I am just an amateur gardener and a lazy one at that, but this plant grows quickly and can help populate your garden pretty fast.

 near Monet's house in Givenchy France

I brought in other loves…a pic of me walking towards Monet’s house in France, my favorite wedding photo, red wine (my favorite in the cool weather), some burlap hearts I made last year and a few other loves of mine.  Bringing in items that are fond memories helps to stir them again in your mind and I believe it helps you to be happier.  Don’t know if that’s a fact but – it might be!  Let me know what you think in the comments below.

 I hope you will follow me along my journey to blog about bringing in color every day for 31 days straight! 

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