Color Roundup: My Love of the Color Pink for Rooms is Pretty Obvious

Maybe it’s because I’m female…but I just love the color pink.  I love pink rooms, pink lemonade, pink shirts, pink dresses – cotton candy – just about anything pink. My living room walls and draperies are pink…my dining room walls and ceiling are pink!

The walls read pink – but my recipe was a peach base color, followed by a layer of pearl metallic paint – then glazed with cinnamon tones.
The Chinoiserie mural helps to break up the pink a bit
I chose to create a pink-like metallic tone because the room is fairly dark – not much natural light comes through at all. When the light hits the walls – there’s a natural glow in these room that I absolutely love.  The great architect Renzo Mongiardino said that every room has its finest hour – but my rooms look great just about any time. 
In my kitchen, I had a custom demilune made for part of my island.  Of course – it had to be some version of pink.  But – I made it a coral-like glazed metallic (because I know that Richard probably would have put his foot down if it had been a full-out pink!).
I’m in good company though – lots of designers have had their way with pink.
Uber-Designer Carleton Varney and friends from Cote de Texas
How beautiful is this – from Nellavetrina
Pink & Black – a great combination.  From the blog, Ladies of Design
Magenta is pink too!  From designer, Jerry Jacobs
Closeup of the portmantiere, from Jerry Jacobs.  An elegant way to decorate a bar area.
A pink rug – by Madeline Weinrib
A coral and red bedroom by designer, Mary MacDonald, from Veranda Magazine
Or – maybe just a small accent of pink, like this chandelier from Currey & Company
Some advice for using pink: 
  • If you love the color but are afraid of it being “too much” in a room, use it in small doses – an accent wall, some pink pillows or other accessories.
  • Try a deeper shade or hue of pink, like coral, fuschia or magenta
  • Experiment by painting some chairs or small side tables pink
  • Use pink as a base color, then use brown or cinnamon toned glazes over it to lessen the pink.
So – think pink for at least one or two of your rooms.  They will stand out and make you happy every time you see them!
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2 Responses to Color Roundup: My Love of the Color Pink for Rooms is Pretty Obvious

  1. I love using pink in my home decor. In the past I have used more, I even painted my home exterior pink and added black shutters. Today I added a few pink crystals to my chandelier in my home office. I am using less pink these days, now more of accent colors. I think pink is a welcoming color that makes everyone feel at home.

  2. Linda Leyble says:

    Hey Amy – I still love the color obviously mainly because I find it so easy to use. It goes great with a lot of colors. But I know that not everyone counts it as a favorite color – especially men. For me, it's a very flattering color…makes your complexion look better than it is!!

    I am going to check out your blog today – as I know that you posted some interesting and informative stuff on photography. Heading over now!


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