My Top Artistic Cookies: For Gift Giving and Eating

Now that we are in December, my mind turns to buying unique Christmas gifts and, of course, to COOKIES.  Well, any kind of sweet is on my mind all the time but Christmas is a time for making cookies and also – giving cookies as gifts.

Cookie Boy Cookies:  If you have never seen Cookie Boy’s work, you’ve been missing out.  He can make anything into a cookie.  The problem is – he’s in Japan.  Here’s a Christmas wreath celebrating the giraffe (but I am guessing it’s the Toy R Us logo) that he made.  Take a look at his site – it’s in Japanese but it’s worthwhile looking at his incredible collections.

The Mona Lisa Cookie: I’ve been to the Louve to see the Mona Lisa.  I only wish that I was 7 feet tall, so that I could have had a better glimpse of her.  So much security and a glass partition – that prevents you from getting close…plua so many people in front of me that it was hard to see her.  This not exactly Mona – but you know who’s the subject of the cookie – plus if you go to the site – there’s a recipe on how to make it!!

Anyone for Van Gogh’s Starry Starry Night cookies (my favorite). Who doesn’t love Van Gogh?  I was so happy to hear that perhaps he didn’t off himself, but rather he was killed by a teenager. 
The Camera Cookie Cutter.  For all budding and pro photographers on your list, this would be a great gift.  Make the cookies too and give them the cookie cutter along with them.

The Rubiks Cube and Jacks Cookies:  From Cooks Central, these would be great gifts for your 50s baby boomers for the Jacks and their children…for the Rubiks Cube.

I love these Victorian teapots with the Jane Austen cameo for all your tea loving – book loving fans on your gift list
She is a very inventive cookie designer – here’s her “Year of the Rabbit” cookie
And here’s another one of her designs…I could think of a few people to give this one to! What about you? 
And then there’s the fabulous Amber Spiegel in the Hudson Valley upstate NY in her Etsy Shop, SweetAmbs.  She makes too many fabulous cookies – here are two of my favorites…
How beautiful is this “embroidered” cookie!  Sweet Ambs Etsy Shop

Eiffel Tower Cookies: This company, Ali’s Sweet Treats, makes many kinds of custom cookies but the Francofile in me just had to add this one to the list!

And finally, just a little humorous tidbit of a video featuring How to Make Cookies – in Photoshop!  Share this post with your cookie and Photoshop-loving frineds and family.  It’s so clever…and so funny.  The stop motion is great.  Click on the link below.

Enjoy this little list – let me know if you have some others to share!!!
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2 Responses to My Top Artistic Cookies: For Gift Giving and Eating

  1. anna says:

    Great! nice to have some fun inbetween!!

  2. Linda Leyble says:

    Hi Anna – thanks for commenting. I agree – a little bit of fun should be part of this whole Christmas rush and craziness, right?

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