What Were They Thinking?

As many of you know – I love colorful interiors and homes with a sense of humor.  But sometimes it can go a bit far.  Kirstie Alley, of Cheers, Fat Actress, Dancing with the Stars and Jenny Craig spokesperson fame, has put her Maine home up for sale – for nearly $2 million – and while it is a fantastic property on a remote island with beautiful views…whoever buys it will have some painting and wallpaper removal to do. The house has great bones – and the redecorating would be fairly easy…but I think a pink kitchen, granny wallpaper and the girly-girly decor may be a bit off-putting to a lot of buyers,  She could afford a home stager – I’m available Kirstie!!

And keeping with the colorful home theme…how about these two pics from a home for sale in Des Moines, IA?  The blog, Hooked on Houses, always has some very funny Bad MLS pics!
The blurb for the house could read “Loves Jesus and Van Gogh too”
The love of paint continued on into the kitchen! From Hooked on Houses
Built-Ins Can Help Sell a House:  But not this one!!  What were they thinking?  Realtor Leif Swanson always posts some doozies on his blog, Ugly House Photos.  Just for a quick shot of side-splitting humor – spend some time on his blog to see how some people market their properties!
The damaged wall unit dwarfs the fireplace…the red carpet, the red painted mantle/bricks
&…the green wall need to go!!  From Ugly House Photos
This next one – what can you say?  Doesn’t it look like the oversized TV is on some kind of desk unit with a seat in front?   Can anyone say “hire a home stager?”
The oversized TV, the frilly drapes in a relaxed room, the poor forgotten mantle in the corner…the clutter…the non-hardwired ceiling fan!  Love the orange carpet. From Ugly House Photos
Here are a few others that I’ve seen for sale lately.  Hope you enjoy them!
Go for the Gold: Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing.
This house was listed for over a million. Source, unknown  

The rest of this house was very lovely – but I just had to laugh at the bear doing a headstand!
This is bringing the outside in – a little too far!

And one of my faves…
Elvis didn’t leave the building before the picture was taken!  From Hooked on Houses

So – look at your property photos carefully before you put your home up for sale!!  Otherwise, they might show up on a blog!!

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4 Responses to What Were They Thinking?

  1. I love the Hooked on Houses website. I always find people's real estate photos so fascinating. That gold bedroom is just too much. hahaha.

  2. Linda Leyble says:

    Hey Stacie – thanks for writing! I know – how funny is that gold bedroom. Couldn't believe it!

    I love Julia's Hooked on Houses blog – she used to go out on design consults…but now her blog has become so successful, she does it full time. That's where I'd like to be!

    Have a great day.

  3. Colin Tooker says:

    Wow! That one kitchen looks like my college dorm romm did! It's a good thing you're out there helping to prevent people like me from doing things like that.

  4. Linda Leyble says:

    Hey Colin – thanks for commenting! Yes – some kitchens like that are out on the market – believe it or not. I am always willing to help save people from bad decisions – that can be very costly!

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