My Baby is Having a Baby Today!

When we got the phone call yesterday morning that my youngest daughter, Jessica, was en route to the hospital because her contractions were 5 minutes apart…I was so excited that I couldn’t really concentrate on anything very well.  I was able to get Easter dinner ready for our guests but every few minutes I was checking my phone to see if I got a new text message.

Jess lives in California and, of course, I’m here in New York. I will be going out there to help her with the baby next week but I was wishing that I was there to help her through this.

A picture of me as Matron of Honor for my friend Joanie when I was 9 months pregnant with Jessica. I’m the bulging one next to the bride! I gave birth 2 days later – after dancing the polka at the wedding!
She stayed at the hospital for awhile but she only dilated to 1 1/2 cm, so they sent her home.  Then she came back 7 or so hours later – but was sent home again becuase she only reached 2 cm. So – it seemed like this wasn’t going to be an Easter baby. (I should have told her to Polka!!) Then this morning (8:30 am EST) I got a text message from her that her water broke and she was en route to the hospital again.
So now I am trying to be patient awaiting the news.  My new granddaughter’s name will be Peyton.  I know that my daughter will be such a great Mom.  And I am so thankful that she will be moving back here in July!  I am so happy and blessed.
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