Take the “What’s Your Style” Quiz:

Is your style “Rustic Contemporary” or something else?  Find out!

Knowing Your Style and what you love should always be at the forefront whenever you start a design or re-design project. Identifying what you absolutely love and what you can’t stand will help you to make the right design choices.

Go to Sproost and take their quick assessment quiz to find out your style.  Is it 100% accurate – not really.  But they were pretty darn close in assessing mine. I was deemed a combination Nantucket Style/French Eclectic/Traditional.  I think the French Eclectic is pretty accurate – not so much the Nantucket Style.

But – it’s fun and you’ll begin to know your likes, loves and absolutely nots!  They also will show you sites where you can find the types of furniture that suits your style best.

Let me know what styles describes you the best!

Image: Apartment Therapy; Sophie Robinson

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  1. jan west says:

    What a shame your lamp was stolen, and shame on the one or ones who did it! I hope this great looking lamp can be replaced for you. Jan West.

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