Worst Trends of 2011

I may be a little late on this discussion…but I thought it would be worth a quick blogpost.  In January, Elle Decor magazine asked 5 designers to talk about the 5 worst trends of 2011 that have overstayed their welcome.  You can read the article here.

One designer, Sheila Bridges, said that DIY was one of them.  Just because a piece of furniture could be reclaimed doesn’t mean it has to be.  I think that if something is about to fall apart, or if it’s an ugly piece to begin with – without any shape or style – then I think that it should be left at the garage sale, thrift shop or curbside.  But, with all of the people who are writing DIY blogs and their countless readers – I think that DIY has never been stronger, more creative – and wonderful.  Sheila may be the designer to the stars – and, most notably, Bill Clinton, but I think she may be a bit mistaken in her assessment of a trend that has really taken hold and I don’t think it’s going to go away quietly. 

DIY has probably grown in recent years due to the recession.  People cannot afford very pricey furniture and they looking for budget-friendly ways to decorate their homes. I have always been a fan of re-doing furniture and will probably keep doing it even after the economy rebounds.  It’s a beautiful craft and, if I must say so modestly, it’s something I do well.  It also saves a ton of money for all of my clients and in this day of ever-increasing squeezes on our pocketbooks – I am glad that I can give them a beautiful home without them spending a fortune.

A $20 bamboo vanity/desk that I found in a Port Jefferson NY thrift shop!

Here it is in another staged home I did

Some of the bamboo wrungs were missing but my husband found a few “look-a-likes” around our house (stem supports from faux orchid pots) and replaced them.  When I found the piece it was sitting right outside the basement of the shop in a natural but very grayish state.  I cleaned it up and I spray painted it with gloss white – and voila – a lovely little accent piece. I use this a lot when I’m staging because it’s very light and transportable and I think it looks beautiful.  In the future, I’d like to do an etched design on the glass – I think that that will really be lovely.
A $25 Craigslist find revamped with Annie Sloan Chalk paint and Royal Design Studio stencils
Our JC Penney entertainment unit – revamped. You can read about how I did this here
A garage sale find – quickly revamped with Annie Sloan Chalk paint and stencils
These are just a few things that I have done that I have some photos of. I have to begin photographing the many things I’ve done over the years. 

Using Books in Interior Design is on the List of the Worst Trends (but not on my List!)

The other design trend that’s supposedly due to die out is the use of books in interior design.  I agree that it should not be done willy nilly but if you have lovely books just collecting dust in a bookcase – I think they should be stacked on a coffee table or placed on a console behind a sofa…or even stacked next to a chair in a reading area.  I do this all the time in my own house and guess what?  People pick the books up and start reading them!  Just yesterday two of my friends picked up design Mary MacDonald’s recent book and said they would probably buy it!  If it was just sitting in my bookcase – it wouldn’t have had any attention!  If you’d like to read my blog post on using books in interior design, go here.
Would love to hear and read your comments on this!  Thanks
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4 Responses to Worst Trends of 2011

  1. mcvick says:

    nicely said and done!

    love the serving tray; i'm currently working on a tag sale revamp for a friend's birthday and will post when and if i ever finish it! (i tend to not finish things at times lol)

    thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a note, nice to meet new people *waving across the sound*

  2. You are spot on LInda. DIY is here to stay. The challenge facing most people is that they struggle with knowing which DYI project is appropriate and what is the best way to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. The ability to squint at some dusty old thing and see it's potential and whether it's right for what you want to do takes time to learn and develop the instinct. (And for Sally and me, a number of mistakes. God Bless yard sales…)

    Books… There can never be enough books. The real problem is that pretty books, books with beautiful bindings and lettering are so few and far between. Our son commented on that the other day, He said, I see better graphics on my computer and Kindle. Hmmmm….


  3. You certainly are good at it! My mother has always been very creative and DIY orientated, well before it was considered trendy. She was definately passed that love onto me, and I hope this 'trend' is here to stay. It is nice to see so much more variety in furniture and interiors when vintage pieces are used.

    Love your bamboo dresser! xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  4. I think you are right on the money about the recession and DIY projects on the rise. However, I think that there are a lot of us out there who have been crafting for years and have now found others who share their passion through blogging! Your pieces are beautiful and the fact that you fixed them up speaks volumes for you! Thanks for sharing!

    Take care,


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