Updating Your Home Using Color and Creativity

I recently did some decorative work in a lovely condo in Woodbury, NY.  Working with designer, Teresa Simone, we created some beautiful rooms in soothing palettes of blues and and greens…and blue-greens. The formerly all white guest bath was done with a custom-colored blue-green metallic plaster that lends a wonderfully restful quality to the room.  Teresa had located an antique mirror on one of her shopping trips – and placed it on the large, frameless mirror (that shows its 80s origin!).  This is a great way to soften and feminize a bathroom without having to rip the entire mirror down. 

The homeowner found the silhouettes – left by the previous owner – and these look great against the soft blue-green plaster…and they add to the “been there forever” feeling in the room.

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