Using Geometric Patterns to Update and Beautify Your Rooms

If you want to update the look of a room – use some geometric patterns.  If you want your room to exude more energy…add some geometrics.  Do you have lackluster rooms without any architectural interest?  Add some geometrics to it! You can add a sense of height or width to a room by using geometric patterns on your walls (vertical stripes for height…harlequin patterns for width and height).  There are numerous benefits to using geometric patterns in today’s interiors. 

The bedroom above is given extra life and zip through the mix of geometric patterns. Hexagons, vertical and horizontal stripes – even the rectangular and square pillows add to the geometric recipe.  The small hexagons on the wall give this room extra energy.  A bit busy for me (and I’m sure I would have trouble sleeping here), but I love how the designer, Deborah Wecselman, used the patterns to give an energetic, youthful and updated look to this room.
Sarah Richardson, one of my favorite designers, used zigzags, chain stitches and polka dots with great effect in this bedroom. The combination updates and energizes the room – but in such a subtle way that the bedroom is still a very restful and inviting space.
Elaine Williamson via
Adding just one geometric pattern can be the finishing touch to a great room.  The Jonathan Adler sconces update this room in such a stylish way. A more timid designer might have just used more traditional sconces on either side of the mirror.  These sconces give the room a unique twist. The room would have been fairly commonplace and very predictable otherwise.
Elaine Williamson via
In the above room, we see a successful mix of geometrics that updates and makes the room far more interesting.  The diamond-shaped wallcovering helps to widen the room and give it more presence. The pattern on the pillow gives a modern touch and the upholstery tack pattern on the ottoman gives the piece more interest.  Not clearly visible but adding to the mix is the zebra pattern on the rug. Adding some soft curves in the room keeps the space from being too rigid looking.
Designer Alberto Pinto knows a thing or two about adding geometrics to interiors.  Look at this room.  It’s all based on geometry. The carpeting to the right is all squares, rectangles and triangles; the carpeting to the right adds circles and rectangles.  The fireplace mantle is a stroke of genius – radiating rectangles from a circular and convex mirror. If he had placed a more common mantle here – the room would have suffered a bit. Add to this the striped pattern on the walls and the shelving and the placement of the artwork – it’s all a fantastic study in geometric perfection.
Here’s Alberto again with another study in geometric deliciousness.  The rug, the wall treatment, the inset in the wall treatment, the artwork, the furniture, the headboard, the books on the bench – everything is geometric.  If you’ll take a really good look at this photo, you will notice that the main wall has only one window.  His deft use of pattern tricks you into not noticing the deficiencies in this room. Truly brilliant! How he uses pattern creates a modern and fresh look in this room but it’s also restful and simple.  I encourage everyone to look at his website and study the way he employs pattern – it’s truly a lesson in interior design.
Jonathan Adler via
Jonathan Adler mixes geometric patterns like a maestro also.  The dining room he created for maternity fashion designer, Liz Lange in her Westchester NY home, combines zigzags, rectangles, diamonds and circles. The look is very youthful and fresh – befitting someone who designs beautiful maternity clothes.
Some Simple Ways to Start Bringing More Geometrics into Your Home
1) Add stripes not only in your draperies, but also consider using a horizontal striped border in a bath.  Use plain tiles in unique ways – mix up the way you lay them.  Place some diagonally.
Image via
2) Add a splash of geometry with pillows and tufted x benches. Hang prints in 3s over a sofa.
3) Consider adding panels to your walls. The bedroom below would be so bland if not for the panelled wall making a wonderful statement.  If your room lasks achitectural interest – add it yourself. 
Image via
4) In a traditional room, you can punch up its pedigree by adding panels, wainscoting and Palladian windows. Adding these geometric features helps to tame a huge room – making it more livable and warm. Place a beautiful trellis patterned rug on the floor for added interest.
5) I used a vertical stried pattern in the room below to help heighten the space…plus give it great texture and interest.

So whether you need to energize or update a space, improve or add architectural interest, using geometric patterns can help you do the job.  There are so many fabric patterns in the market that will add some pizzaz to your home – so take advantage of them.  Don’t forget your walls and floors – adding geometric patterns to them will improve your rooms immensely.
If you need some assistance in updating your rooms, give me a call at 631 793-1315.  I’d be glad to help.  Sometimes just a small change can effect an immeasurable difference in a room!
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  1. Great ideas. I LOVE Sarah Richardson. In fact, my master bath was decorated using her recent farmhouse bath as an inspiration!

  2. Linda Leyble says:

    Thanks Penny – I have to check out your Master Bath more closely (saw it in your home tour – but need to take a closer look). I love Sarah too – she's fabulous!


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