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My Tips for Using Color in Interior Design

INTRODUCING COLOR ROUNDUP   On Mondays, I will be featuring a specific hue I have used in my work – plus some interesting ways that featured color is used by other designers and artists. Just click on the titles below to read some of the posts in this new column.    EMERALD GREEN NAVY BLUE RED SOFT BLUES and BLUE GREENS 

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Some Beautiful, Funny, Poetic and Gastronomic Things

Sometimes I come across some unusual, funny and beautiful things that are too good to just pass by – so I am sharing them with you today. FUNNY: While we were in the Hamptons this weekend, my husband found this first one in Dan’s Papers.  I’m linking you to the online version… Police Blotter from Dan’s Paper  – a 104 year old man was found drunk and on the passenger side of his vehicle while … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I hope that everyone is getting ready to have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I am so thankful for having a roof over our heads this season.  Sandy could have been so much worse for us – being a block away from the water – and I want to just say that this year I am so grateful for having a home, power and wonderful family and friends to enjoy it with.  My heart goes out to … Continue reading

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What I’m Thankful For: Spicy Food and a Great Surgeon

During the summer 5 years ago, my husband and I were on a typical vacation in the Hamptons.  We were walking around, seeing the sights, snapping a lot of pictures…     As usual, we did a lot of browsing and looking – and not buying much ($$$everything is pretty pricey), save for two things I picked up that year in an antique store that was going out of business. We would also head out … Continue reading

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How to Attract More Blog Viewers via Pinterest

OK – so I am not an expert by any means…but you can turn many of your blogposts into “How To’s” on Pinterest.  If you are looking for more blog traffic to your blog, this will help you alot.  Whether you are a service provider, a DIY blogger, a marketing consultant, a realtor, lawyer, tech wizard, salesperson, florist, electrician, plumber, heating/AC company – or whatever…you can gain more readership by creating a useful “How-To” infographic – … Continue reading

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I Hope that Everyone Stays Safe During Hurricane Sandy

Bridges and roadways are closed.  A crane is about to topple over onto West 57th in Manhattan…Evacuations everywhere.  Waist deep water on Ocean Beach, Fire Island.  My mother used to talk about the storm of ’38.  Well – we may be in the midst of one that’s worse. I can’t believe that we still have electricity – so many people on Long Island are without it. My neighbors across the street are dark!  It’s usually my … Continue reading

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Color Roundup: Soft Blues and Blue Greens

Soft blues, blue greens, and gray blues on walls, fabrics, cabinetry and furniture never fail to please. These colors can instantly put you at ease.  Here’s a roundup of some of my own designs…plus selected images from the web that feature these hues.   Image Credits: First pic, third pic, last pic. All others…The Colorful Bee Sharing this with… Between Naps on the Porch; Be Colorful; My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia; Cherished Bliss

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Layering in Interior Design: Some Easy Ideas that will Add Interest to Your Rooms

  Most of us innately understand the art of layering in fashion – even if we think we don’t. We do it unconsciously every day. We add a sweater over a shirt and then add a scarf with a similar color scheme. We add jewelry in same colorway…plus shoes, a purse and other accesories that blend. But, when it comes to our rooms, we either err on the side of blandness – or we go … Continue reading

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Learning to Take Better Blog Pics: New Shots from a New Lens

I am far from taking the best blog pictures in the world, but I had to post this.  I just got (thank you very much Universe…and my daughters, Krista and Jessica – and my husband, Richard) for giving me a great extra lens for my camera. It’s a Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 lens and I have only used it for a day – but I LOVE IT!!!  I have to learn more about using it – but I … Continue reading

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A Farewell to Summer Post

Summer is over and I am a little sad but I’ll fondly look back at all the wonderful things that this season brought.  My daughter moving back here from California – after “too long” an absence. Getting to know my gorgeous granddaughter…5 month old Peyton.  My heart skips a beat every time I see her and hold her. Summer brought me a new re-designed blog and I am so grateful that I had the money … Continue reading

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